Üç eyler Lab


Prof. Dr. Nurcan Üçeyler

Department of Neurology, University Hospital of Würzburg

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Publications (selected list)

Ullrich M, Weber M, Post AM, Popp S, Grein J, Zechner M, Guerrero González H, Kreis A, Schmitt AG, Üçeyler N, Lesch KP, Schuh K (2017). OCD‐like behavior is caused by dysfunction of thalamo‐amygdala circuits and upregulated TrkB/ERK‐MAPK signaling as a result of SPRED2 deficiency. Mol Psychiatry doi:10.1038/mp.2016.232.

Attal N, de Andrade DC, Adam F, Ranoux D, Teixeira MJ, Galhardoni R, Raicher I, Üçeyler N, Sommer C, Bouhassira D (2016). Safety and efficacy of repeated injections of botulinum toxin A in peripheral neuropathic pain (BOTNEP): a randomised, double-blind, placebocontrolled trial. Lancet Neurol 15:555–565.

Leinders M, Doppler K, Klein T, Deckart M, Rittner H, Sommer C, Üçeyler N (2016). Increased cutaneous miR-let-7d expression correlates with small nerve fiber pathology in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome. Pain 157:2493–2503.

Lemmer S, Schießer P, Geis C, Sommer C, Vanegas H, Üçeyler N (2015). Enhanced spinal neuronal responses as a mechanism for the increased nociceptive sensitivity of interleukin-4 deficient mice. Exp Neurol 271:198–204.

Üçeyler N, Zeller D, Kahn AK, Kewenig S, Kittel-Schneider S, Schmid A, Casanova-Molla J, Reiners K, Sommer C (2013). Small fibre pathology in fibromyalgia syndrome. Brain 136:1857–1867.

Üçeyler N, Devigili G, Toyka KV, Sommer C (2010). Skin biopsy as an additional diagnostic tool in non-systemic vasculitic neuropathy. Acta Neuropathol 120:109–116.

Üçeyler N, Kafke W, Riediger N, He L, Necula G, Toyka KV, Sommer C (2010). Elevated proinflammatory cytokine expression in affected skin in small fiber neuropathy. Neurology 74:1806–1813.

Häuser W, Bernardy K, Üçeyler N, Sommer C (2009). Treatment of fibromyalgia syndrome with antidepressants: a meta-analysis. JAMA 301:198–209.

Üçeyler N, Rogausch JP, Toyka KV, Sommer C (2007). Differential expression of cytokines in painful and painless neuropathies. Neurology 69:42–49.

Üçeyler N, Valenza R, Stock M, Schedel R, Sprotte G, Sommer C (2006). Reduced levels of antiinflammatory cytokines in patients with chronic widespread pain. Arthritis Rheum 54:2656–2664.


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microRNA expression analysis in blood samples of patients with painful versus painless conditions.