Student information

Master program in Translational Neuroscience

The Master of Science (MSc) program in “Translational Neuroscience” is a two-year, research-oriented, interdisciplinary, international study program that is intended to be continued with a PhD project at institutes of the Medical Faculty or the Graduate School of Life Sciences Wuerzburg or at other universities. The curriculum is taught in English and is divided into modules combining lectures, seminars and laboratory work.

The program comprises more than 30 research groups of the Medical Faculty and other Natural Sciences such as Psychology contributing to excellent Neuroscience research at the University of Wuerzburg. We bring together students from different biological or medical backgrounds and train and qualify a new generation of neuroscientists that will be able to develop novel therapeutic strategies for complex neurological and neuropsychiatric diseases. Our scientific education within “Translational Neuroscience“ procures self-dependence and individual responsibility in scientific practice to enable the students to fulfill the requirements to engage in innovative research and start careers in a large variety of clinical or scientific careers.

Graduate School of Life Sciences

Interdisciplinary research training is the key to success of tomorrow's life scientists.  The Graduate School of Life Sciences (GSLS) provides structured doctoral research training in a highly interdisciplinary research environment. The GSLS results from a common initiative of the Faculties of Biology, Medicine, Chemistry Pharmacy, Physics, and Human Sciences. PhD students benefit from this proven excellence in research. The GSLS sets standards and assures the quality of research training for the more than 350 German and international doctoral researchers under its auspices. The structured program consists of three main parts: (i) supervision by a thesis committee, (ii) training of transferable skills and (iii) certification. Our Graduate School will prepare you for a successful career in academia or industry by a curriculum custom-tailored to your needs.

MD/PhD program

Our Faculty for Medicine and the Graduate School of Life Sciences (GSLS) offer scholarships to current excellent medical students, designed to support medical students in pursuing an experimental or clinical doctoral thesis. Medical students spend 9 months working full time on their research. They are registered at the GSLS and take part in a specially adapted, structured doctoral program.