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Prof. Dr. Andrea Kübler

Section Intervention Psychology, Department of Psychology I

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Publications (selected list)

Kübler A, Holz EM, Sellers EW, Vaughan T (2015). Toward independent home use of BCI: a decision algorithm for selection of potential End-Users. Arch Phys Med Rehab 96:27–32.

Real RG, Veser S, Erlbeck H, Risetti M, Vogel D, Müller F, Kotchoubey B, Mattia D, Kübler A (2015). Information processing in patients in vegetative and minimally conscious states. Clin Neurophysiol 127:1395–402.

Käthner I, Wriessnegger SC, Müller-Putz GR, Kübler A, Halder S (2014). Effects of mental workload and fatigue on the P300, alpha and theta band power during operation of an ERP (P300) brain-computer interface. Biol Psychol 102:118–129.

Kübler A, Holz EM, Riccio A, Zickler C, Kaufmann T, Kleih SC, Staiger-Sälzer P, Desideri L, Hoogerwerf EJ, Mattia D (2014). The user-centered design as novel perspective for evaluating the usability of BCI-controlled applications. PLoS One 9:e112392.

Kaufmann T, Schulz SM, Köblitz A, Renner G, Wessig C, Kübler A (2013). Face stimuli effectively prevent brain-computer interface inefficiency in patients with neurodegenerative disease. Clin Neurophysiol 124:893–900.

Naci L, Monti MM, Cruse D, Kübler A, Sorger B, Goebel R, Kotchoubey B, Owen AM (2012). Brain-computer interfaces for communication with nonresponsive patients. Ann Neurol 72:312–323.

Halder S, Agorastos D, Veit R, Hammer EM, Lee S, Varkuti B, Bogdan M, Rosenstiel W, Birbaumer N, Kübler A (2011). Neural mechanisms of brain-computer interface control. Neuroimage 55:1779–1790.

Blankertz B, Sannelli C, Halder S, Hammer EM, Kübler A, Müller KR, Curio G, Dickhaus T (2010). Neurophysiological predictor of SMR-based BCI performance. Neuroimage 51:1303–1309.

Furdea A, Halder S, Krusienski DJ, Bross D, Nijboer F, Birbaumer N, Kübler A (2009). An auditory oddball (P300) spelling system for brain-computer interfaces. Psychophysiology 46:617–625.

Lulé D, Zickler C, Häcker S, Bruno MA, Demertzi A, Pellas F, Laureys S, Kübler A (2009). Life can be worth living in locked-in syndrome. Prog Brain Res 177:339–351.

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