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People trained and working in our group (August 2017). Left to right: Nina Scheffler (Master student, Biology), Linda Bieniussa (MSc, scientific assistance), Yi Wang (Master student, Translational Neuroscience), Manju Sasi (doctoral researcher, GSLS fellowship), behind: Dennis Segebarth (doctoral researcher), Rohini Gupta (doctoral researcher, GSLS fellowship), behind: Cora Rüdt von Collenberg (doctoral researcher), in the front: Nastaran Madani Esfahani (student, Translational Neuroscience and scientific assistance), Corinna Martin (doctoral researcher), Robert Blum (group leader).

PD Dr. Robert Blum

Institute of Clinical Neurobiology, University Hospital of Würzburg

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Publications (selected list)

Hofmann L, Hose D, Griesshammer A, Blum R, Doring F, Dib-Hajj S, Waxman S, Sommer C, Wischeyer E, Uceyler N (2018) Characterization of small fiber pathology in a mouse model of Fabry disease. Elife 7(e39300). doi: 10.7554/eLife.39300.001

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Mohammadi M, Oehler B, Kloka J, Martin C, Brack A, Blum R, Rittner HL (2018) Antinociception by the anti-oxidized phospholipid antibody E06. Br J Pharmacol 175(14):2940-55. doi: 10.1111/bph.14340

Prada J, Sasi M, Martin C, Jablonka S, Dandekar T, Blum R (2018). An open source tool for automatic spatiotemporal assessment of calcium transients and local 'signal-close-to-noise' activity in calcium imaging data. PLoS Comput Biol 14(3):e1006054. dli: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1006054

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Outline - research concept.

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Localization of BDNF in hippocampal neurons (super resolution image; Andreska et al. FCN, 2014) and in the hippocampus of the mouse (confocal image).

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General signaling concept. Regulation of neuronal excitability by neurotrophins, ion channels, and homeostatic calcium fluxes.

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Outline - research concept.

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Project 1:

Calcium signals induced by the neurotrophin brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) are critically involved in synaptic plasticity, learning and memory. However, the interplay of BDNF-induced calcium signaling cascades is not accurately defined. These signaling cascades include ER calcium store release events, fast calcium influx events, and the modulation of neuronal excitability. The aim of this project is to define the temporal and spatial interplay of BDNF-dependent calcium signaling in the hippocampus and to characterize the underlying homeostatic calcium fluxes. The purpose is the identification of target molecules for a mechanistic-based therapy to treat psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases. Funded by the DFG.


Project 2:

This project will investigate how hippocampal mossy fibre BDNF affects the mossy fibre to CA3 microcircuit in the stratum lucidum to modulate fear behavior. The mossy fibre projections in stratum lucidum influence a microcircuit involved in precision of memory and context pattern separation. Notably, MF synapses store high amounts BDNF, thus raising the question whether local BDNF function at this synapse affects fear memory, fear circuit properties, and anxiety-like behavior. The project shall contribute to a better understanding of signaling mechanisms underlying mossy fibre function in contextual fear regulation and fear generalization. Funded by the DFG.


Project 3:

In a collaboration with HL. Rittner and B. Oehler from the Department of Anesthesiology we recently described that oxidized phospholipids are endogenous pain-inducing irritants. Here, TRP ion channels were identified as mediators of oxidized phospholipid function. Notably, we identified two prototypical therapeutics interfering with oxidized phospholipid function. In this project we investigate how these intrinsic irritants excite primary sensory neurons. The overall aim is to better understand pain resolution through compounds against oxidized phospholipids. Funded by the IZKF Würzburg.